Steam Park

Published in 2013 Created by Aureliano Buonfino, Lorenzo Silva, and Lorenzo Tucci Sorrentino Published by iello Games No. of Players: 2 – 4 Playtime: 60 minutes Age: 8+ When I was a kid, I would play Rollercoaster Tycoon on the family computer. I found it amusing to run this fake business and do completely outrageous… Read More Steam Park


Published in 2017 Created by Bruno Cathala and Marc Paquien Published by Days of Wonder No. of Players: 2 – 4 Playtime: 60 minutes Age: 13+ Normally, when any of my friends or I buy board games, we typically do extensive research on it before making the purchase. We will shop around local stores and… Read More Yamatai


Two weekends ago, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity of Games Master a.k.a. the Tabletop Gaming Team Lead for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. For those who are not familiar with the Expo, the CCEE is like your typical comic cons. For four days I would lead my amazing group of… Read More Clank