Friday Night Five – August 25 2017

Hi everyone. Thanks for the feedback for the FN5. I’m going to keep doing this style of review as well as the regular reviews moving forward. Anyway here’s the FN5 for this week.

Koba Yakawa


This micro game is a nice appetizer to start the game night. Players are given a card ranging between one and fifteen, and the top card of the deck is placed face up in the centre. Each player can either pick a card from the deck and discard one by placing it in front of them, or they can change the centre card, or they can pass. Once all players have taken their actions, they will bet with their tokens whether they have the high card. The catch is that of the players who ante up and play, the player who has the lowest number will add the centre card to theirs. Whoever had the highest value wins the pot. It’s a nice little bluffing game that’s quick and easy to teach.



Karuba is a well-designed tile laying game and was a 2016 nominee for the Spiels Des Jahres. In this game, players are acting as a group of explorers who are trying to get to a temple and retrieve artifacts. Players essentially lay tiles down in an effort to connect a pathway from their explorers to the temples in the jungle. Everybody plays off of the same set up, but will all have different solutions in the end, which is the reason why Karuba is so much fun. It’s a good casual game to try out.

Ghost Blitz


The first time I played this game, I honestly was beaten by a nine year old kid. This game is going to mess with your brain, but it is absolutely fun. Objects, such as a ghost, a frog, or a bathtub will be laid out in front of all players, and then a card is shown face up in front of all players. If there is an object in the picture that matches both the colour and the shape, grab that object first. However, if none of the objects in the picture have the same shape and colour as any of the objects on the table , then you have to grab the object where the colour or the shape isn’t represented. This game will genuinely hurt your noggin after your play it, but it is super fun.



A really neat tile laying game where you collect sets of cards based on how you lay your lantern tiles. On your turn you will place a tile and whatever side is facing you is what colour of card you get. You also get cards if the colours match when you place tiles. I really like Lanterns because it is aesthetically pleasing and easy to play.

Castles of Burgundy


I’ve put four light games up so far, so I figure I should put a heavier weighted game. It is another tile laying game that takes place in medieval France where you are trying to lay territory tiles in your princedom. Roll dice to determine what tiles you can take and where you can play them. It is not strictly a luck game because you can use workers to alter the roll of your dice. Highly tactical and is a good main course for a games night.

That’s my FN5 for this week. Let me know what you think of these games.


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