Trump: The Game

Monopoly. A childhood classic. A game where you could feel like you could own it all. What was it about this game that made it so awesome? Was it the 7 to 8 hours of gameplay in which you go around in a circle over and over again? Or was it the fact that you could negotiate for hours on end trying to get a property only to be shunned consistently? Perhaps it’s the moment in which you finally could relieve all your frustrations and stresses and be able to flip a board game for the first time, watching the well-crafted pieces fly into the air majestically.

Well if you enjoyed these elements of your own childhood, there is another game that is out there that will give you all of these feelings and so much more.


Trump: The Game is a property ownership board game created by Jeffery Beslow and Howard J. Morrison and is published by Parker Brothers. In this game, you get to buy or sell one of of Trump’s famous properties using millions of dollars. Throughout the game, the value of each property goes up depending on spaces and cards that are played. Eventually, players will have an opportunity to bid for the properties and take the money found in each. The player who has the most money at the end of the game wins bigly.

To set up the game, place the eight property boxes with the property labels in each of their corresponding spaces.  Then place the amount of money in the provided boxes indicated by the property card found on the box. Your player pawns, which are in the shape of the iconic “T”, will be on the start space. Then roll one of the Trump dice to see who goes first, with whomever rolling the “T” getting to go first. Then you’re ready to go.

In Trump: The Game, you are essentially trying to make deals in order to gain the most money. On your turn you draw a card and then do one of three actions:

  • Draw and use one of the cards: Each Trump card has a special ability that allows you to earn more money depending on what Trump properties you own.
  • Draw and sell one of the cards: If the card you drew is not useful, you can sell it to another player by using your negotiation skills and “The Art of the Deal” (book sold separately, and can be bought on Amazon)
  • Roll the dice and move clockwise on the board. If you roll a “T” on the dice, you can steal a Trump card from one of your opponents. Depending on what space you land on, you will either increase the price of one of the properties, take money from someone, or put one of the properties up for auction.51ZHMZD7HZL

The player who landed on the “For Sale” space, or the a player who used a “forced auction” card can start an auction. This person will act as the broker and pick one of the eight Trump properties to be auctioned off. Each player will then pick a secret amount of money, and  place it on the table. Once that money is shown, all players can start adding on top of what they put down until all but one player has passed. The player who bid the highest will take the property and pay the money to the bank.

Players keep going around in a circle over and over again until all players get super bored or until all the properties have been sold off. This triggers the final dealing phase in which players can now use their remaining cards and money to make deals for properties and other cards. According to the rules, feel free to make whatever deals necessary in order to gain the properties. This includes selling at ridiculous amounts of money,  trading cards in your hand, or sacrificing your first born child. Once every player passes, each player can now open their property boxes and take all the money found in them, as well as payout any extra bonus cards for owning certain properties. The player who has the most money wins.

Trump: the Game, will make you feel like you are in the 90s again playing in your parent’s basement. Let’s start with the artwork. The gold colouring and the green marbling on the board make you feel like a pretentious millionaire trying to con your way into more money. Then there’s the extremely long gameplay, which only means that you have more time to get to spend with you friends and family, consistently going around in a circle until somebody finally lands on the For Sale spaces found on the board.

The major points of the game come from the negotiation elements. The game encourages players to consistently make deals in an effort to make more money, at the expense of other players. You can also steal cards and resources from other players just by rolling dice. This makes Trump: the Game feel very presidential when playing. It’s like you’re making gaming great again by taking as much from players who are having difficulties with just even paying for stuff on the board.

Trump: the Game is definitely one to consider in your collection if you wanted to just be Trump. This game gives you the opportunity to be in his tiny shoes and wonder, what would it be like to just win so much? If you like sitting around and doing nothing, then this game is just as good as that.


  • Monopoly-esque game where you just go in circles over and over again trying to earn money.
  • Winning! So much winning that it sometimes hurts to win!
  • The Trump logo is all over the place. It’s as if Donald was there playing with you!


  • You do a lot of conning in the game too! That’s what makes this game so great! It makes gaming great again.





….Happy April 1st…

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