Kickstarter Pick of the Week – Devil’s Advocate

My friends play a fair bit of games involving debate and gab. When we play “Geek Out”, we debate over the geekiest things like who is an official Batman villain, or who is an actual character in Naruto. Playing the game “Party Playoff” forces us to choose sides over the weirdest topics, and we even mixed the “Cards Against Humanity” cards in the mix just to make the game more interesting. Even the classic game “Scruples” makes us debate over whether or not people are telling the truth about their own morals and beliefs.

So when I saw this game on Kickstarter this week, I felt that this game would definitely fuel the fire in argumentative games.

Devil’s Advocate” is a party game where you argue about topics that you don’t really argue about in dinner conversations. Topics include: “DJs are not musicians”, “It’s pronounced GIF, not JIF”, “Clothing should be priced based on size”, or “It’s okay to recline your seat in Coach”. Players debate on one side over the other, and a judge makes the decision on which side is right. There are additional cards that also change how the points are distributed between players which add little twists in the game.

I appreciate games where they relate to what is happening now. These topics are ones that people at some point in their life, may actually argue about with other people. I remember the debate about GIFs and JIFs when two students came to my desks yelling and said “Mr. A! We need you to settle this. Read this word for us” to which I replied “JIF”, like the peanut butter. I don’t remember what happened next except me saying “You two sit down! Class has started!” I think it was because they were arguing further about something that really was stupid.

But when you put a board game to it, I see arguing for the sake of arguing being more fun.

I’m  picking this game because if you have a good group of conversationalist friends, you will definitely get a lot out of this. As long as people are willing to get involved and add their two cents to the argument, you will definitely get much value out of this game. Oh did I mention that this game is relatively cheap? The base game only costs $25.

So if you want a game where you are able to argue with your friends about things you never thought you would actually argue about, grab a copy about Devil’s Advocate. At the time of this post, it has 24 days left in the campaign, and it already 103% so you’ve got some time.


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