Kickstarter Picks of the Week – Week of August 24, 2015

Kickstarter has been one of my mainstays in purchasing board games (aside from going to my local board game store, purchasing online, and going to a thrift shop once in a while). I use it to find out about new developments in the board gaming world.

But there are so many good games out there that if I were to back every single one of these games, I’d go broke. I figure, maybe if I share some of these games and ideas, perhaps a friend would purchase one of them, and then I could try it at their house (HINT HINT).

Therefore, I’m going to try to do a Kickstarter Pick of the week every week. I’ve been reading up on  a bunch of games on Kickstarter this week and some of these designers are creating some of the most unique and intricate games I’ve seen. I’m going to try to do one a week, but this week, there are four games in which their campaign ends in less then six days. So I figured I would share these games with you. They are fully funded games, and after reading some of the concepts, I can see why they are fully funded. These are games you definitely want to jump in the bandwagon.

1. Treasure Hunter
This game intrigued me because of its simplicity and its ability to mess around with other players. It’s got a draw-and-pass mechanic which means you will have some information in what your opponents have. Ultimately it is a simple math game where you are trying to be either the lowest or the highest when you are playing cards. With this card game I can anticipate elements of bluffing your opponents and numerous moments of 1-upmanship. The artwork looks cool and the game is quick to teach and play.

2. Mini Tin Mini Apocolypse

This microgame is for two players and can be played anywhere. I liked this game because of its frantic gameplay. Players are simultaneously trying to get their their meeples into a fallout shelter by rolling seven. But that’s not the only actions you can take. You can also knock meeples out of the fallout shelter, try to get supplies for the shelter, and if that wasn’t enough, a giant monster can potentially win the game by eating all your meeples. The game end is triggered when the first player can shut the tin with four of their own meeples and a crate of supplies, so I can only imagine myself or others screaming when they can finally lock the shelter down. This game is portable, cheap (current backing is 12 dollars US), and looks like it could be a lot of fun.

3. Lobotomy

If you’re willing to pay for the price, Lobotomy offers horror experience for up to six players. It is set in a psychatric hospital, and already that sounds creepy. This game kind of reminded me of the Nintendo Gamecube video game “Eternal Darkness”, which I played once and never played again because it looked super creepy…This game is a cooperative dungeon crawler in which your characters’ sanity can go down. The game comes with a whole ton of highly detailed miniatures, beautifully drawn cards, and a modular gameboard. Great game especially since Halloween is coming up.

4. The Contender

Finally, in honour of the elections happening this year, both in the United States and Canada, I present to you The Contender. I laughed hysterically when I watched their campaign video. There are a lot of “player picks a winner” party games already out there, Cards Against Humanity, Superfight, Personally Incorrect, Apples to Apples just to name a few. So for a game in this category to intrigue me, it has to do something that is completely unique from these kinds of games. The Contender does that by making something completely boring as a “Presidential Debate”, and turning it into a hilarious party game for your friends. Who doesn’t like chanting “USA! USA!” as an argument to why women should vote for you. This game is great for a group of talkers and with the “Politically Incorrect” expansion, I can only anticipate the foul and offensive things that could come out of peoples’ mouths.

So there are my picks this week. Again there is less than a week to back these games. And if you get one please let me know how it goes. Maybe even invite me over to try when you get it…. I’ll bring food…..

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